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The New Rules!

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The New Rules! Empty The New Rules!

Post by Wolf named Koga on Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:11 pm

Here at After Shock Forums [ASF] we respect our users’ wants and needs. Here, you may find whatever you are looking for and maybe some things you may have not realized you wanted. Now before you go flying off to the various boards, there are a few things you need to know.

Quick Note: You may use the Ctrl F function to search the thread for whatever topic you are looking for. Example: I want to search for the Signature rules. I would hit Ctrl F and type in SAIR and it would take to the signature rules section.

Typing/Posting in All Caps = TPIC
Religious/Political Oriented Threads = RPOT
Same Subject Threads = SSTS
Language = LANG
New Member/Introduction Thread = NMIT
Staff Positions = STPO
Signature and Avatar Images = SAIR
Member & Staff Respect Policy - Our Highest Law/Anti-Flaming Act = MSAF
Warning System = WRSY
Being Banned = BAND
Adult Content ADCN

Typing/Posting in All Caps [TPIC]
It is generally acceptable BUT you should try not to overdo because it is annoying and can be considered rude.

Religious/Political Oriented Threads [RPOT]
While we respect whatever your religion and your political belief is, please try your best to keep it civil and generalized when in a discussion for all to interact. Religion is something personal in your life and as such should be kept as your personal belief. Please do not attack, force, or threaten people with your beliefs. Please keep such discussions as mature as possible or do not discuss them at all.

Same Subject Threads [SSTS]
Try to look and see if there is an existing thread about the same subject first if you can. We're not going to scream at you if there's something posted twice, but we will lock the duplicate. (Well, we scream a little lol).

Language [LANG]
[Cursing is currently allowed but if it gets out of hand, we will enforce a rule upon it.]

New Member/Introduction Thread [NMIT]
All new members can introduce themselves by creating their own post in the Introduction section. So, come on! Introduce yourselves!

Staff Positions [STPO]
If you feel you can bring something to this site we do not already have please let us know. Currently all of our staff positions are relatively full. If we ever need any new/additional moderators we will be looking at how well you have conducted yourself with your fellow members first and then if that checks out we'll give you a trial run over a few forums before we place you officially on staff.

Who are Site Staff and what are your job(s)?
ShadowsFall – Admin
Wolf named Koga – Admin
Zabi – Admin

Signature and Avatar Images [SAIR]
The only rule for these is so long as you do not have over sized pictures and whatnot you're okay with us.

The maximum size for any signature is now 500x500. That is to say, if your image is 500 pixels x 500 pixels (500 pixels high and 500 pixels wide) then it is acceptable for the forum. 501 by 501 or over is not acceptable (just take the three seconds to make it a pixel smaller, people). The trick is that your signature can be two images if, for example, both are 100x500, or more than two images. That still equals 500x500 pixels (so long as there is no space between them). Only a total of 3 lines of text are allowed including the 500x500 image(s). If you don't have an image than the equivalent of 500x500 text is permitted.

The maximum size for an avatar is now 150x200.

Each member is allowed a total of about 400 kb to be used in their signature on animated gifs. In this case, going slightly over is not an issue; 415 kb for example would probably be allowed while 450 kb would not. This is simply because making a gif smaller in file size is difficult, while resizing an image is not. More than one gif can be used so long as they don't exceed the 400 kb limit when their file sizes are combined. So, one could have an animated avatar and animated signatures if both were 200 kb (or 100 kb and 300 kb, etc.).

We will not tell people to change their signatures so they don't get a warning; period. If you think it's funny that you don't have to listen, then we are going to show you that it's not. Don't go beyond the rules. They are here for a reason and they've been made better for everyone here.

If you have a question about whether a signature is allowed or not then just PM us; it's very easy and it won't get you a warning; while just putting the signature in question up will get you one.

Member & Staff Respect Policy - Our Highest Law/Anti-Flaming Act [MSAF]

Absolutely no flaming on this site should take place as this may lead to a banning offense. We want everybody to just get along with one another and we feel this is not too much to ask that people be civil with one another. This site wants to have the reputation of being the friendliest in the community to the players of the Xbox360. While we know we cannot get everybody to be a singular mind as we still encourage individuality, but please do not personally attack someone even if they are personally attacking you. Should a fight occur please immediately inform a staff member to mediate the situation by Private Message or e-mail.

We ask that you, the member, be courteous to your fellow members and staff here, even if you don't like them. There's no need to hunt them down in every thread and be a pain. If there's a problem come to us, we'll sort it out and discuss it. We don't want to see anyone's feelings get hurt here.

We do allow constructive criticism and some joking here, usually with indication that you are joking somehow. So for example, it's okay for someone to say "This idea sucks because...", but it's not okay for someone to say to someone else: "You suck because you have stupid ideas!" Please be nice and choose your words carefully. We're not asking you to like the other person we are asking you to get along and please keep this message board clean of flaming and trolling. Most importantly we want to make sure everybody's experience on the forums is at the highest level of enjoyment possible. Also, remember you're all players of the same game series. All of us here should have some unity when it comes to knowing we all have the same common interest in gaming and other activities.

Most importantly: Please, PLEASE, respect the Staff, we've seen too many problems in the past with folks disrespecting Staff over the most minor of things. The people I picked out are good people. They've got experience in running things on gaming sites and they do an exceptional job at it. So please respect them. If you have an issue with a moderator or administrator, please contact me. If you don't like our decision on closing a thread or deleting a thread please contact us, give us your reasons why you feel that way and we'll try to understand your own, all we ask is that you understand why we felt we had to close it. If we tell you no on whatever, please accept our decision. If there's a problem between a staff member and yourself, please come to me and we'll have a pow-wow. We take the accusation of "administration abuse" seriously here, all e-mails are viewed in the privacy of the staff forum/Security Checks forum on this site to investigate such claims; however, if one is not being abused by an administrator/moderator and they are claiming that for the sake of attention this will also affect the user negatively.

Warning System [WRSY]

Trolling in general, disrespecting of staff, forum members, or whatever you wish to call it is just highly unacceptable here. A disciplinary action in general can count as a warning at the discretion of the moderator if people ignore or disrespect the moderator for trying to calm a thread down. It is up to the moderator/administrator to either enforce a warning on whoever is causing problems or if the situation is unable to be maintained the thread will be locked and/or the problem member's posts from the thread will be deleted with a warning from the Moderator/Administrator by some means of communication.
The Warning System:
1. First Violation - One Warning.
2. Second Violation - Second Warning 1 Day Ban.
3. Third Violation - Third Warning 3 days to a 1 Week Ban.
4. Fourth Violation - Indefinite Ban.

We take flaming as a serious offense as it has been proven in the community to be the death of most message boards. We hope to promote a fan friendly environment around here to the best of our ability.

Being Banned BAND

Once the user is banned he/she is forbidden to post on the forum, any attempts at re-registration, harassing e-mails to let you back, and taking up of old habits are duly noted and the new username will be banned and the ban sentence for the problem user will be made longer perhaps made permanent. If the member attempts to send friends to troll, post for them, cause discontent, or spam the boards, and there is evidence or we suspect the banned user of it, the "friend" will be permanently banned and the friend will have to go through an Administration Appeal process which is to be reviewed by the Webmaster/Acting Webmaster. Furthermore, this will also affect the previous offending user's ban length and make it much longer, even permanent in some rare instances, and is also to be determined by the site's webmaster or acting webmaster. Negative comments you have to say about After Shock Forums off-site does impact your ban length as these are immature and you probably should not have broken the rules in the first place.

Forums Rules for Adult Content [ADCN]
1. We do not allow overtly adult material here on the forum.
2. This would mean if you were to post content that the admins deem too adult, it will be removed and you will be warned.

So, what count as "adult"?

If the image is of female breast, cleavage, ass with thong/panties this is acceptable.

If the image is of male chest, crotch, ass with boxers/briefs this is acceptable.

If the image is of unclothed males or females involving their lower half, this is unacceptable.

If the image is of a sexual nature this is unacceptable.


All pictures threads (consisting of more than 5 (five) pictures in one post) MUST be spread out. Meaning if you have 5 pictures in one post, that is your limit. Make a new post and post the next set of images. If this rule is broken, the pictures that you post that go over the limit will be deleted.

Follow these simple guidelines and everyone will get along. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contacts one of the admins through e-mail or PM.

The New Rules! Newpromobutton2
The New Rules! Flamedrasig
Wolf named Koga
Wolf named Koga
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Keeper of Rules & Wolves

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The New Rules! Empty Re: The New Rules!

Post by Michael on Sun May 13, 2012 2:26 pm

Screw the rules, i have money!

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