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[Review: iPhone App] Commodore 64

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[Review: iPhone App] Commodore 64

Post by Michael on Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:34 pm

Commodore 64 is a emulator App for the iPhone OS that let's you play old Commodore 64 game's like Dragon's Den, Samurai Warrior, and more.

The App features multiple Commodore 64 game'z that you can buy or get for free from the AppStore, you can also use OpenFeint, which gives you access to leaderboard's, achievement's, and more, you can also use Save States which let's you come back to any of the Commodore 64 games you want at any time.

The Apps interface gives the look of a old bookshelf, With the game's being 8-bit, which look pretty good on the iPhone screen, but that is not saying much.

The controls are all done using the on screen Joystiq, and buttons, or in some cases a keyboard, all of the game's can be played in landscape, or portrait mode, with portrait being the funnest, landscape on the other hand is much harder to play, see the picture below for more info.

Overall the Commodore 64 App gives you a nice trip down memory lane, but the trip can be a kinda bumpy one.
3 out of 5


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