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[Review: DLC] Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers Expansion Pack 2

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[Review: DLC] Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers Expansion Pack 2

Post by Zabi on Mon May 17, 2010 12:58 am

Wake up children, it’s time to harvest the fruits of our geekiness with the release of the Duels of the Planewalkers DLC simply named “Expansion Pack 2”. In this “Expansion Pack” we get our grubby hands on a new-ish single player and tag team campaigns, three brand-spanking-new decks, and three new achievements. (But that’s not why we downloaded the DLC, no sir!) So let’s break it down, and see what we got.

The new single player campaign pits players against four new AI avatars, though one is just the dragon from the previous expansion and the other is just a psycho version of the fire woman from the original set. Yay! Said I while thinking of better enemies to face instead. Anyways, the other two characters feature a mountain goat-like man, and a vampire with wavy hair. (It’s to appeal to the Twilight fangirls.) Playing the first couple of matches, I realized that most of the new opponents don’t really hold a candle to you as long as they are constantly play cards during their second main phase. That thought was later crushed after I found out that the vampire can pull cards out of his ass like he’s an ATM machine. Seriously, his cards take little to no mana to play, and he always seems to have them at the ready whenever needed. Other than the massive amount of geek rage I erupted during the vampire match, it was pretty much the same campaign I played the last time except with vampires.

After defeating the campaign’s gauntlet of oddly named characters, you are rewarded with their card decks to use whenever and to whomever you chose; except the vampire’s deck because he’s a prick. The “Heart of Worlds” deck features a collection of land-depend creatures, and spells that make playing mana much easier; though, that comes at a price. You see most monsters have the power of Landfall, a ability only activated when a land is played, but when you run of mana to play then your cards become useless. (Which is about 16 mana total in the whole deck.) Next, the “Heat of Battle” deck gives the player the power to skip the playing monsters part, and jumps head first into just the life point burning part. This deck is aimed more towards those impatient players whom feel the need rush a game into a quick victory. It’s a great deck in theory, but when put to the test the absence of defensive creatures will leave you as a sitting duck waiting to die. Lastly, the “Eons of Evil” is the Resident Evil version of a card game. There are crap loads of zombie cards and cards that make zombies, so you pretty know who this deck is geared towards. That’s right! Players who won’t f~~king die!

The bottom line is simple; if you like Magic the Gathering then congratulations here are more cards to play with, otherwise, stick to Yu-gi-oh fool!

Well kiddies that’s my review. Tune in next week when I review a hamburger I ate last week. Bye~
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