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[Review: DLC] Dragon Age Origins: The Darkspawn Chronicles

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[Review: DLC] Dragon Age Origins: The Darkspawn Chronicles

Post by Primeridley on Wed May 19, 2010 10:53 pm

Dragon Age Origins: The Darkspawn Chronicles is the newest expansion for the game. The expansion came out on the 18th of May. The new dlc allows the player to experience what it feels like to play as a darkspawn. The dlc takes place during the battle of denerim when the city is attacked by the horde and the archdemon. The main character in the expansion is a Hurlock Vanguard that is following the archdemon's commands on were to go and how to destroy the city. The story starts at the main gate of the city and continues to the top of fort draken where you must save the archdemon from the graywardens. The so called villains of this expansion is Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Oghren, Wynne, Zevran, Alistair's loyal war dog, and Sten. There are a couple of other humans that show up in Denerim during the battle but i will not mention them since it will ruin the story for those who want to play the dlc.
The story has it that your main character is in Dragon Age Origins dies during the joining and the order in Fereldan is controlled by Alistair and the dlc shows what Alistairs decisions would have been if he was the leader. The dlc allows the player to play as any of the darkspawn in the story but the main character again is the Hurlock Vanguard. The player starts out at level 12 and plays this way throughout the dlc. The Hurlock Vanguard is a warrior class that uses only a sword and shield since the player is not allowed to choose any skills. The areas in Denerim that the player attacks is the main gate, the market place, the eleven district, the royal palace, and fort draken. The darkspawn you contol are the: Genlock, Ogre,
Shriek, Blight Wolf,
and Hurlock Emissary.
The darkspawn that the player may want are not always available. Such as if a player want a archer, two handed weapon, or mage companion the person must wait for them to show up in order to use them. The way the player gains a companion is that they must use a spell in order to control them. The darkspawn are considered thralls and only three can be controlled at one time. The way to trade or get new companions is that the thralls are killed in battle or the player themselves cut the thralls head off. The person playing as the main character does not have to worry about the lack of new darkspawn because after at least 30 seconds or a little bit more new darkspawn will appear.
The new dlc comes with three new achievements which are secret, a new sword that is available in origins and awakening after finishing the dlc, and the dlc does have a couple of glitches like most dlcs have. Some glitches are that the spell to get new thralls under your control does not work all the time, the characters will glitch by standing completely still and takes a while for the game to catch up with what is happening, and in some spots the enemy will not stop spawning. In all in all the new dlc takes about two to three hours to complete. I would give the dlc a 4 dead darkspawn out of 5.


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