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[Review: Game] Fatal/Fake

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[Review: Game] Fatal/Fake Empty [Review: Game] Fatal/Fake

Post by alexoblivion on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:11 pm

[Review: Game] Fatal/Fake FF2010-04-0516-01-03-90

Fatal/Fake is the ps2 game based off the anime series of a similar name, Fate Stay Night. However, the game does not include any form of story, and simply acts as a character vs. character beatem' up. To its credit, for a ps2 game, it looks great, but the characters are the real show stealer. The characters themselves are cel-shaded, and move fluidly during gameplay. Unfortunately, as good as the characters look, there are so few of them that they become less impressive and more "same-old, same-old."

[Review: Game] Fatal/Fake FF2010-04-0516-28-45-05

Once again, there is no story here, so just expect to fight NPC's for some unknown reason. At leas players will have a decently enjoyable time fighting for no reason, thanks to the simple gameplay, but difficult move sets. Although the combat is quite fun, there is no variety between characters, so prepare for the same light, medium, and heavy attacks.

[Review: Game] Fatal/Fake FF2010-04-0516-02-19-61

On the sound side of things, the sound effects for each character action is decent at best, but there is absolutely no voice acting in this game! While some may not care, especially if they simply want to play the game for a short time, fans will most likely be annoyed by the lack of voices for their favorite characters. The music is in similar shape, considering there's a pretty good piano melody for the title screen, but the rest is forgettable. Really forgettable.

Overall, the game is a fairly typical fighting game that only fans of the series can truly enjoy, but should otherwise be avoided by those unfamiliar with it.

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