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[Review: Game DLC] MW2 Stimulus Package

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[Review: Game DLC] MW2 Stimulus Package

Post by alexoblivion on Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:12 pm

Finally! The great Infinity Ward and there big boss Activision have graced us with a map pack for MW2! Wait what? It's 1200 MS points!

That's exactly what I thought when the pack was revealed. So now its time to decide.

So let's jump in.
As most know, but I'll mention it anyway, the pack contains three new maps and two touched up maps from COD 4. The new maps are Bailout, Salvage, Storm; and the new maps are Crash and Overgrown.

First up is Bailout.

This map is a small apartment complex that emphasizes vertical combat. There are varying rooms that can be sniped, camped, or fought in and are quite spacious. Perhaps it is too spacious as it is easy to get shot from the other side of the map. While this isn't a major problem, it can become problematic in Hardcore gametypes. Overall this will be the more balanced of all the maps.

Second is Salvage, which is supposed to deter and even stomp out camping.

Good news campers, it failed and epically at that. With tight corners, and small spaces, this map is a perfect camping ground. Air support doesn't help either considering there is virtually no cover with the exception of two small buildings. Let's just say AC130s and Chopper Gunners dominate. Grenades and Grenade Launchers are almost a necessity to fend off others using the same. This, unfortunately, will be one of the more frustrating maps of the package considering it's all explosions and no fun.

Third is Storm, which is similar to Downpour from COD4, minus the rural environment.

This one is quite complex and seems to do the best at keeping the players moving as there are a few rooms, most of them large and spacious, but the rest is open area. Once again, though, air support can become an unfair advantage at times, killing you every time you spawn. This was my favorite map for its tense and open combat, plus the ability for all types of classes to be equally usable here.

The fourth map in the pack, and the first of two to be touched up by Infinity Ward, is Crash.

Many will remember this map thanks to its epic sniping building and the slightly useful crashed helicopter in the center. Unfortunately, this will be the most frustrating map of the game depending on the gametype and the air support being overpowered. I won't go into gametypes as they are not a fair representation of the maps themselves. While this map worked in COD4, it doesn't work here where AC130s and CGs can literally blast right through the windows, and it just feels like there are too many places too camp. The rest of my dislikes fall with the poor gametype choices for this map, but overall it just was not a fun experience to play on this map again.

The final map is Overgrown, which works well, yet still feels out of placed.

It retains the overall sniping quality of the first game, and once again, controlled air support rules without equal. This is somewhat counteracted thanks to the two spacious buildings both sides of the map. In the end, I don't really have anything overly positive to say about it as it just feels there, and doesn't provide anything we have not seen before.

Was it worth it?
For 1200 points? Hell no, but I purchased it regardless. Despite what I think, you probably have quite a few friends who own the game and will be the main reason you'll cough up the points to get it. If you don't have any growing need to get it, wait (I know it's hard) until a deal is up quite some time from now, and quickly snag it. Plus if you get it then, you will not have to go through the bullsh*t that happened upon the pack's release.
So there, verdict is, don't get it if you don't have the points, too many problems make for a poor experience.

Note: This is all my opinion, so if you don't agree, buy it. After all it's your waste of money.

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