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[Review: App] Opera Mini for iPhone

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[Review: App] Opera Mini for iPhone

Post by Michael on Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:33 pm

Opera Mini is the long awaited alternative web browser App for the iPhone.

Let's start things off with the features, the Ui is fast and easy to use, with the loading times for the browsing being faster then Safari, in Safari you can only have up to 8 tabs open once, but in Opera Mini you can have over 50 tabs, there is also an option to save webpages for viewing at a later time,
You can also use a full screen mode see the picture below for more info.

The picture above is also where the problems begin, when zoomed out for some reason or another all the text on webpages look like a 5 year took a marker and went to town on them, using more than 15 or so tabs can cause slowdown or lag,
There is also no multitasking to be found which really killed the experience for me.

Overall it's not that great of an alternative web browser for the iPhone 
2 out of 5


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